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Company “Jēkabpils Dolomīts” Ltd.

Founded in 2005. First two seasons company worked in historical site of Jēkabpils Construction materials manufacturing asociation, which was one of the biggest factory in Jekabpils during the The Soviet Union period that produced different fractions of crushed dolomite for different economic sectors.

Since 2007 the biggest factory, work site, office and laboratory of “Jēkabpils Dolomīts” Ltd. is located in Sala region, in Birži, which manages dolomite mining site “Birzi-Mikelani” that reaches area of 50ha. “Jēkabpils Dolomīts” Ltd. also owns sand-gravel mining site “Lejas Celmares-Radzes” in Viesite region and sand mining site “Draudavas” in Aiviekste region. Dolomite is one of the major mechanically resistant mineral material source in Latvia. Historically dolomite mining in Jekabpils region developed because the dolomite in this region is high quality and can be found near ground layer. Geological studies in Latvia confirmed that the most dense and strong dolomite that can provide high strength class breakstone by crushing it is found exactly in Birži region. Produced material in “Jēkabpils Dolomīts” Ltd. mining site “Birzi – Mikelani” conforms with SII, NI, NII quality classes from A.S, 2012.

“Jēkabpils Dolomīts” Ltd. manufactures crushed dolomite and gravel breakstone mixture, washed and unwashed sand, crushed dolomite and gravel. During the washing of sand, crushed dolomite and gravel breakstone, dust is removed from material, thus improving it’s quality to conform with specification needed for manufacturing of concrete and asphalt.

Because the company’s operations is local, which is caused by tranportation expanses, since the season of 2008 we provide preparation of mineral materials as close as possible to building sites by using different capacity and configuration mobile production facilities.

Major projects which “Jēkabpils Dolomīts” Ltd. provided with mineral materials (names of constructed roads):

• 2008 – A12/E22
• 2009 – A6, P73
• 2010 – P73, P76, P62
• 2011 – P76, P62, P69
• 2012 – P69, P72
• 2013 – P72, P75
• 2014 – A6 – Zarasai – Kaunas, Lietuva
• 2015 – P72, P75
• 2016. gads Ilmatu dam, forest roads, Roja county roads
• 2016. gads A13 – Russian border (Medumi)
• 2016. – 2017. gadi Bebri district, Jekabpils
• 2016. – 2017. gadi Jekabpils State Gymnasium Stadium, Jekabpils
• 2016. – 2017. gadi roads in Lithuania in Panevėžys and Utena districts
• 2017. gads Road S7, Sauka Parish, Viesite Region

For many years we continue to cooperate with the Lithuanian and Latvian asphalt concrete plants, as well as with the State Enterprise “Latvijas Autoceļu Uzturētājs” and State Enterprise “Latvijas Valsts Meži”.

At 2009 company was nominated for the “Latvian Gazelle” price by “Business Daily

We are constantly improving our manufacturing process to completely recycle and use obtained mineral materials. As of right now we are developing our manufacturing process to use mineral materials not only in road building, but also in agriculture and the chemical industry – dolomite is a valuable calcium and magnesium carbonate source.

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